I’m a runner that is interested in performance. I fully appreciate the non-competitive side of running but, in my opinion, there is already an abundance of websites and resources for casual runners.

The goal of this website is to make the methodology of high level running training available to everyone. I hope to spread more information about high level training and to educate readers, and myself, about important or interesting practices in endurance sports. Hopefully this will lead to an increased understanding of our training and consequently, faster times.

My background is in running, so I will most likely focus on that in the beginning. But, I am interested in endurance sports as a whole and plan on expanding to cycling, swimming, rowing, and triathlon in the future.

In the meantime, immediate projects include writing many more posts and creating an email newsletter. If you have any suggestions, requests for scientific papers to be summarized or athletes to be covered, or questions then please feel free to contact me using the page in the menu.

Thank you.